site of the month awards

past recipients

December 2009   |   Kayla @ Shattered Memories   |   award
Why: It's always nice to see new faces , especially if they make such gorgeously pretty things. I've loved Kayla's works ever since I visited her site the very first time. She's got lots of talent and I'm looking forward to see more of her creations.

March 2009   |   Ehlwyen @ Quicksand   |   award

Why: Well, this really is as much a recognition of Ehlwyen's talent as a thank you. A thank you for being a source of inspiration, for saying wonderful things and boosting my courage when I needed it. But it really is something to show how much I like her amazingly creative works. There's always something new, something astonishing and yet you'd recognize her style in all of them. Finally, it's also an expression of my happiness that she re-opened her website again.

January 2009   |   Olga @ Ugly Business   |   award

Why: Olga's site was one of the first I came across when I stumbled over fanart and the like. to this day I have nothing but admiration for her works and her. It's always so amazing to see how much thought and details she puts into her pieces; I love reading her explanations, too, as they give so much insight. Her works - nothing less than stunning. I love the smoothness, her awesome blending and composition skills. I simple adore her site and her creations.

August 2008   |   Matilda @ Mongrel Minds   |   award

Why: Matilda's art has fascinated me ever since I first came across her fabulous site. Every one of her pieces is so unique, so inspiring and just blows you away with the prettiness. It's perfection really - stunning colorings and brilliant compositions. I love coming back to her site to discover what fabulous new things she has created. She also has fantastic textures that just wait to be used again and again.

June 2008   |   Marilyne @ Shadow of the Day   |   award

Why: So little time and space for so many reasons. Marilyne and her artwork - both totally awesome. Her pieces are just wonderful, special and unique things that never cease to fascinate me. The subjects seem to come alive with her awesome coloring and texturwork. She makes gorgeous resources, too; I especially like her textures. Apart from the creative, she's also an amazing person - always sweet, nice and helpful.

May 2008   |   Amy @ Sweet Escape   |   award

Why: It's as simple as this - Amy's been making awesomely pretty art lately. They've got such a beautiful elegance and simplicity to them, always convexing the emotions of a certain moment in a show or the loveliness of a certain person. There's a quality on each piece that makes it so very special. She also has a wide variety of pretty icons. Visiting her site with pretty layouts is always an enjoyment, too.

April 2008   |   Stephanie @ Immortal Kiss   |   award

Why: Lately Stephanie has just blown me away with her creations. It wasn't just the amount of beautiful pieces but every single one looked absolutely stunning. They're all so expressive, so wonderfully colored and have some kind of glow about them that I can't quite explain. Every time she updates I can't help but be amazed by what things she comes up with. For me, she truly is an inspiration.

March 2008   |   Sarah @ Aprilsky   |   award

Why: When I first visited Sarah's site I was truly blown away by her artworks. I've grown to love this collage style and hers are definitely some of the best out there. At first they might seem simply sometimes but on second look, you discover so many details and everything. Since then, she's really been a source of inspiration for me; to try it out myself and more. Her layout are always so cute and stylish; you just have to go and check out the site again and again.

February 2008   |   Signe @ Call Her Green   |   award

Why: I actually haven't know Signe site that long I think but I was intriguied from the start. Her art is really awesome. I love the way she composes her works so that they really tell a story and also her amazing texture work. She's also one of the few artists out there who makes Rory/Logan pieces and we have to stick together. apart from that there's so much else to discover on her site. So, go and have a look, now.