previous layouts

version 29 - dark mysteries

31 November 2009 - 31 july 2013

V29 Well, that one was up for ages. I had just started watching Vampire Diaries and wanted to try something new again. So, I did. The layout image was on the left. The see-through content part in the middle scrolled, while the menu (main on the left, submenu on the right) was always visible .There's only one column with the info stuff moving into a box on top as sort of header plus a footer. Quite the organised layout.

version 28 - living on the edge

27 June 2009 - 30 November 2009

V28 And then there was something very different. I love all of it. Rounded corners, a small header, wooden background. Still the two-column style but different with the whole menu up on top. The content part was kind of see-through. Just more sophisticated overall. I was really inspired when I made this and could have easily used this for much, much longer.

version 27 - divinity

07 April 2009 - 26 June 2009

V27 Another one that's quite a bit different from before, evolving from a different kind of wallpaper-making. There's different set-up, too, with everything starting on the left-hand side but still sticking to the two-column layout.

special version - celebrating 5 years

05 February 2009 - 13 March 2009

V5Years This was just a special something to celebrate the fact that I've had my site for five years. It's entirely based on the look and style of version 26 with just a different header and other colours.

version 26 - edward cullen

17 December 2008 - 06 April 2009

V26 A new style of layout with a new home for the site. I made quite a few changes with this one. The obvious stuff is the darkness, the fairly big header image and the two column style. I've also decided to have little images for every update category on the main page instead of just words. I've also reorganised the structure of the menu on the right-hand side to make things easier to find and navigate. I truly loved this layout all around.

version 25 - beloved

29 July 2008 - 16 December 2008

V25 A collagey type of layout. Still light and kind of summery with a - for me - relatively small header. The menu was the same as for the previous version as a quite liked this set-up. I really liked this one, which you can tell by how long it was up.

version 24 - rose mcgowan

07 June 2008 - 28 July 2008

V24 Now this was very different from before. It was fresh and summery and the style was something I hadn't done before. The navigation was all in a bar on top; the menu and all artworks had a cool mouseover effect; first time for the new category 'media'. Still, I wasn't that happy with it as I thought the header was way too big.

version 23 - kristen bell

05 February 2008 - 06 June 2008

V23 Something light and colorful again, more collagy too. I specifically chose those pictures and turned that into something. The structure is pretty much the same as before, only this layout actually has a footer, simple but there. The menu is included in the header. It was all quite fresh I would say.

version 22 - angelina jolie

31 August 2007 - 04 February 2008

V22 I'd wanted something quite different this time - no more menu bar, hello second column again. It wasn't really planned but happened sponateously. The subdued colors fit to early fall, the picture of Angelina is just beautiful. I organised my artwork better as from here on out it was on separate pages. One step forward.

version 21 - charlie stone/norman phipps

29 April 2007 - 31 August 2007

V21 I'd already made plans for this layout long before I started with it. I wanted to have a single column layout with the version info and so on in a footer, which took me quite a while to get done. Who'd be featured was a totally spontaneous decision; so it's once more Matt Czuchry but in another role. Quite different but I think nice to look at.

version 20 - logan huntzberger

29 December 2006 - 28 April 2007

V20 It was a completely spontaneous decision to turn a wallpaper into this layout. It was my first one with only one picture in it. The three columns have been reduced to two and I've also deleted some stuff from there. Otherwise I left the structure pretty much as it was. It's also the first iframe-less after a long, very long time (scary, that).

version 19 - spike & buffy

26 October 2006 - 28 December 2006

V19 This wasn't supposed to be b/w at first but then it looked best like this. The combination with red has always been a favourite of mine. Spike & Buffy were the ship this time. Coding this layout was really hard work, despite its simple look and a similar structure to the previous layouts.

version 18 - veronica mars

06 August 2006 - 26 October 2006

V18 The second try for this layout turned out to be different than I had originally planned but I love it nonetheless. It's something pretty colorful and 'alive' fitting to the summer season. The structure didn't change much, just the position of the new art.

version 17 - angel & cordy

07 March 2006 - 05 August 2006

V17 Another couple layout; this time my fav pairing Cordy and Angel. It's again a dark look as I seem to prefer this to light colors. The arrangement has changed somewhat and other smaller things, like thumbnails for new art. I was really satisfied with how this one turned out, not only because it looked different from the layouts before.

version 16 - luke & lorelai

25 January 2006 - 06 March 2006

V16 This was such a lovely scene from Gilmore Girls. I wanted a change from the dark look of the previous layout, so that winter and white style was ideal. It's not that much different, the overall arrangement is still the same as before. This is actually the first coupley layout.

version 15 - angel

15 October 2005 - 24 January 2006

V15 I loved that layout, really really loved it. It was pretty much perfect in my mind; that's why it stayed so long. I just thought the overall look was exactly how I wanted it back then even though it was nothing special really.

version 14 - paris

05 October 2005 - 14 October 2005

V14 Probably the layout that lived shortest - about two weeks or so. It was a nice blend of Paris and all but just a way too lame overall look. Seemed like something I just threw together to have something new.

version 13 - peta wilson

27 July 2005 - 04 October 2005

V13 That pop-art style layout is definitely one of my best. I liked everything about it, color, arrangement and so on. The header part was really big though,too big actually. First one with a three-column set-up.

version 12 - dido

30 May 2005 - 26 July 2005

V12 I love Dido and her music. This layout was kind of dark but I think it was cool. This was the first time I've used a background that wasn't just a simple color. Worked hard on this one and was satisfied with it.

version 11 - charmed

14 May 2005 - 29 May 2005

V11 Short-lived version. I acutally liked it but then... no more. This one was still pretty big although I wanted it to be smaller. The header didn't actually turn out right in my mind, so I said bye bye to it.

version 10 - eliza dushku

22 March 2005 - 13 May 2005

V10 Big, bigger, biggest -- layout-wise; but I loved it this way because I had so much space for the content plus the sidebar thingie. I loved the soft colors of this one.

version 9 - david boreanaz

17 January 2005 - 21 March 2005

V9 When they started showing Angel here again I kind of became addicted - to the show and the main actor; so that's why this layout. Tried something new again, only marginally successful.

version 8 - dreams of winter

16 November 2004 - 16 January 2005

V8 I so wanted a winter layout but was searching for ages for a decent pic. I ended up scanning one. Although I liked this at the beginning I soon got tired of it, especially the colors; I have a love/hate relationship with purply shades.

version 7 - woman

08 October 2004 - 15 November 2004

V7 I happen to come across that pic when searching something and it was perfect for a totally different layout, a new menu and a new style. The end if the small layouts, finally. Re-invention.

version 6 - jerry o'connell

13 September 2004 - 07 October 2004

V6 This version features Jerry O'Connell, who was my favourite actor then. Why? Don't ask. This was just an intermediate design, however, for bigger better things to come.

version 5 - blue orchid

26 July 2004 - 12 September 2004

V5 Inspiration for this came from another layout I saw somewhere, plus orchids are simply beautiful. Simple blue/white colour schmeme. This was probably my smallest layout ever.

version 4 - heath ledger

21 June 2004 - 25 July 2004

V4 The fourth layout featured Heath Ledger, one of my fav actors back then. Nothing spectacular but I loved the rather simple style. I like the see-through box in the middle.

version 3 - fairy

30 April 2004 - 20 June 2004

V3 This third layout was at that time the best I've ever created. I just loved the pic and the colours, yellow and green, seemed to harmonize well. And it was different from the last. Although, it started that not so nice small, smaller, smallest trend.

version 2 - charlize theron

16 March 2004 - 29 April 2004

V2 The second layout featured Charlize Theron, my fav actress. It was my first try at a - let's call it creative - layout but still left a lot to desire. I tried, though, so that's got to count for something.

version 1 - colours

05 February 2004 - 15 March 2004

V1 This first layout was divided into four separate sections of different colours without much content. It was more than simple and boring. It was simply a beginner's layout; pretty much one big mess, what it's often like when you start out with only basic knowledge.