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I the past I occasionally wanted to put a spotlight on awesome other art makers and there website, giving out a SOTM award. Click here to see a list of the previous recipients. For now this is a feature of the past but this might change one day.

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I used to take part in wallpaper and blend challenges, respectively. Click here to view a list of all the awards I have one for the challenges I entered.

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Some amazing people thought my site and me were worth it to give it a Site of the Month award and made me so very happy.

October 2009   |   from Layout Whore   |   view award
Christie's comments: A while back, Katie mentioned opening her own community on LJ. A place to house her art, icons and all things fannish. Mine had been lying dormant for a while so I thought hell, why not breathe new life into it.

So, I invited Katie. We'd been affilliates on here for a good couple of years, I'd looked through her art so many times; to snag new wallpapers for my desktop but more often than that? For inspiration.

Katie's artwork has always had something. From her use of gradients, to her simple use of placement, text and screencaps. What I love about her art is that it's simple-pretty. It's never overthought, her art just sort of speaks for itself, really - there's not a thousand and one textures overlaying it (something I'm guilty of, LOL) it's all about the screencaps and the text and the amazing use of colour. :)

Katie's is the one site that I visit most often and the one site I kinda wish I could steal for my own, LOL.

February 2009   |   from Fragile   |   view award
Sam's comments: I've been a fan of Midnight Tears and Katie's art since I first stumbled across it in May last year. What I love about the site and art is that every new update brings something different. Katie never sticks with one style but is always bringing something fresh to the table. The one thing that always remains the same is the beautiful softness of the coloring and her flawless blending. I can easilly spend an hour just sitting and looking through all of the beautiful art on this site. If you haven't already become a fan of Katie's work what are you waiting for?! Go and check out Midnight Tears now!

January 2009   |   from Cloudy Stars   |   view award
GillyKitten's comments: I stumbled on Katie's site a couple of months ago. She has some beautiful art including fandoms such as Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars and loads more. All of her work is high quality and she also has a lot of goodies on offer including textures and tutorials. I am addicted to Midnight Tears now!

December 2008   |   from beautifully broken designs   |   view award

August 2008   |   from Gutterflower   |   view award
Kari's comments: Well, why not?! I love Katie's work because it's always so "clean" and simple, as well as her layouts... Her style is always very smooth and bright - I like both of those things. It's always nice to see art that isn't the typical "grunge" and I really love how her wallpapers look like they're paintings...I'm also jealous of her icon skills! If you haven't visited her yet, you really need to take the time to do so, it's worth it :).

April 2008   |   from Empire of Dirt   |   view award

January 2008   |   from More Adventurous   |   view award
J.j.'s comments: Katie's site Midnight Tears has always been a favorite of mine to visit. She's got talent up the wazoo. I don't know how to explain it. I hope I'm putting it into the right words here. Katie's art is very strong and extremely gorgeous. It has an elegance to it, maturity (if that's the word). It's not just like anything you'd find at any other site. It's not too flashy or showy, but still packs a punch. Just like her site, which is easy and enjoyable to browse.

May 2006   |   from Frozen Rain   |   view award