affiliation requests

Affiliation is open right now. If you think I'm going to love your site, contact me via this form. Don't ask on the tagboard, please.
I'm not overly picky but there are certain things I'd like to see at a site:

   ♠ the site has its focus point on fanart (portfolios); no challenge sites please
   ♠ please use decent grammar and not netspeak at your site
   ♠ there has to be some content there, not just an empty, newly created portfolio

That's it really. I don't really care if you update every other day, every other month or twice a year.

current affiliates

Anna @ AldiebRach @ Beautifully Broken DesignsNikki @ BelladonnaWendy @ Black LagoonSerena @ Book of MemoriesSigne @ Call Her GreenCharlie @ Carnelian ValleyJenni Lou @ DaydreamingLeca @ Dream WorldSteph @ Forever DreamingWicca_Jaz @ Inside Us AllDCE @ It's A PictureHilary @ It's Kind of a Destiny Thing...Christie @ Layout WhoreDee @ Lucid FanartMatilda @ Mongrel MindsLyri @ Para BellumBre @ Primordial SoulsSayjay @ RadianceAmber @ ReflectionChris @ Salt'n BurnMarilyne @ Shadow of the DayLine @ ShatteredKayla @ Shattered MemoriesElle @ Staring at the SunChristine @ Surrender Your SoulLinda @ The Chosen OneOlga @ Ugly BusinessJo @ Urban Fairytale