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hope on the horizon

december 16, 2013  

I didn't really expect this to happen but here's an update and it's only been - what? - four months. First, I'd like to say hi to my new affiliate Leca with her lovely site Dream World. Thank you for asking during such a time of drought. Secondly, I've got a new wall to show. I don't even remember how it happened. I'd been saving photos of pretty people but nothing ever came of it. So, the other day I was making a few icons and suddenly thought, "Hey, why not try something bigger". And then it just happened. It felt and still feels so good. This is actually my first big art since almost two years. Shocker. So, I'm probably a bit rusty and all. Anyway, you can have a look at it on the latest artworks page.

Set the Fire

Lovely picture of that charming man, Tom Hiddleston. I was just playing around aimlessly but I'M also quite happy with the result since it's been so long and it doesn't look like a total disaster. Opinions are welcome of course.


new beginnings

august 01, 2013  

And finally here it is. :D

I did not quite plan on this taking so long, even though what I had wanted to do were extensive changes. This is not just a simple layout change. I have pretty much completely overhauled the coding, both html and css. This made it necessary to change whole pages. This goes especially for the gallery and goodies pages, which were completely changed (no more tables finally). All in all, I made changes to almost all the pages and sorted out the css. It's at least an improvement for me when the time comes for a different layout.

Anyway, have a look around new and old visitors. This place has been revistalised. I don't have any new art yet unfortunately but who knows. Until then this is an archive abd it will stay around. I'll check in more often, too.